Friday, February 15, 2013

Crochet Tutorial: No-Slip Magic Circle

 This tutorial is part of my pattern for an amazeballs Skittles applique, but this technique can be used anytime that you require a Magic Circle, OR when a pattern calls for chains connected into a circle that you then work the same way you would a Magic Circle:
-amigurumi creations    -bowls    -hats     -hackey sacks or juggling balls....
I found with most of my projects that standard Magic Circles (working in one loop) didn't hold my circle tightly enough and would often loosen as I progressed through my project, or even after I'd completed it and had no way of tightening it up again- sooo frustrating! And I loathe creating circles with chain circle foundations. Yuck. This method ensures that your Magic Circle will remain tight from start to finish and will eliminate loose circle problems. No one likes a loose circle ;)

 (1) Make 2 loops around your fingers instead of just one.

(2) Create a single chain to start on your No-Slip Magic Circle by inserting hook through the double circle and pulling up a loop. Yarn over and then draw it through the loop on your hook. Your project is officially secured to your No-Slip Magic Circle.

(3) Add however many stitches your required pattern calls for (in the case of my Skittles applique it is 8hdc).

(4) Time to close up your No-Slip Magic Circle: Gently pull the tail first and one of your circles will shrink. The smaller circle is the one that you want to pull tightly first, and it will cause the larger circle shrink and gather your stitches into a circle.

(5) This is how it looks after closing up your first circle. To close up the second circle, pull on the tail gently but firmly (you'll find pulling the tail this time a little tougher since the circle is now tight).

(6) Pull the tail all the way through and you're left with a circle of stitches that will remain tight throughout the creation of your project and after you've completed it. Just slst to the first stitch to close up your circle of stitches, and you're ready to craft some circle-based awesomeness!

Itching to try out this awesome new technique to obliterate loose circle foundations? Then you've gotta try my yummy Skittles applique!

If you try out this technique, I'd love to hear what you think in the comments :)


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