Friday, November 8, 2013

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall...

Wow this crafter's life has been busy! There are so many things that I want to share but finding the time to get it organized into posts has been a challenge. So how about a peek into my life, as though you're looking through the magic mirror in an evil queen's lair? Except you're not an evil queen, just a way cool person with awesome taste if you've landed here at the Nerdifacts blog ;)

First up, I've got 2 fun outfits that I wore to a local convention last month. I'd love to have full costumes, but I never have enough time to get something like that together so I generally dress up as myself. There have been times that I've done this at bigger conventions and for some reason a random person or two still ask me for a photo... which makes me feel like a superhero of course.

Above I'm wearing a bunch of my favourite things: black stretchy maxi skirt, my Bill and Ted "Be Excellent to Each Other" t-shirt with black long sleeved shirt underneath and blue legwarmers on my arms (because you do that when you're me), blue, pink, white and black scarf, and I've always got to try to get a rainbow somewhere.

Here I'm rocking my favourite Wonder Woman hoodie with a denim mini-skirt and black leggings with rainbow legwarmers (on my legs this time) and my favourite pair of star chuck taylor knock-off zip-up-the-side kicks. There's also a lollipop pin which I made and a Mario Star clip in my hair that you can see a sliver of.
Love. These. Shoes.

 Hallowe'en just happened. I was making a lot of these cosplay ears. So many colour combinations! I'll be jumping into another cosplay ear marathon next week to get some ready for the Canterlot convention in Toronto. Yes... 2 days of pure My Little Pony goodness. I have no idea what to expect.

They attach with easy to use snap clips! I've had them on a headband before and with my mess of hair it's just a disaster waiting to happen. Clips are easy, virtually tangle-free, and you can place them where you like which gives you more cosplaying options :)

A pretty standard behind-the-table workshop when I'm working at a convention or show. Coffee and a snack, yarn, tools, and my book of patterns which currently resides in this cute cupcake folder that one of my besties Amy gave me. She also made my cute rainbow tool pouch!

When I look to my right, this is what I see. *just looked to the right* It looks virtually the same right now because I'll be finished those My Little Pony Mini Wristees today. I picked up this cool piece of art at Project Play in London and thought it was perfect for my studio.

And finally, a photo that is just 100% Maria. This was probably in the wee hours of the morning when working in my studio degenerates towards giggling, trolling the internet, and playing with photo apps. I'm wearing my cherished Hoodie Footie Snuggle Suit which Jim gave for Christmas 3 or 4 years ago... it has thumbholes in the sleeves, a drawstring hood, pockets on the front, and even removeable feet. And it's pink fleece. So awesome... and ridiculous.

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