Thursday, December 26, 2013

Handmade Holidays

Well, most of the happy madness has come to pass and I hope all of you had a wonderful festive Christmas full of family, friends, food, frivolities, and any other fabulous things that start with the letter 'f' that you can think of ;) I spent most of my time crafting like crazy, and although most of my handmade gifts have been given and I didn't get photos, I do have a couple that I can share, and links to the patterns as well!

For my parents and for Jim's parents we presented some beautiful crocheted sugar cookie tree ornaments. I absolutely love them and just may tackle creating the multiples needed to make the scarf from which the cookie pattern came. Here's Twinkie Chan's Snowflake Sugar Cookie Scarf pattern, which I found incredibly easy to follow.

This is my favourite colour arrangement so far. I used Bernat Softee Chunky in "Natural" for the cookie, Bernat Super Value in "Cool Blue" for the icing, and a Shimmer yarn for the snowflake (I lost that tag). For some of the other cookies I went with a bulky light-gingerbread tone for the cookies, more pastels for the icing and white for the snowflake.

One of my dear friends absolutely loves owls. She just can't get enough of them. So I thought I'd give her one more. I found this pattern through Pinterest on the blog "Love the Bluebird". Here's Love The Bluebird's Owl Pattern.
After crocheting the owl, I added a felt back attached with a hot glue and a 38mm pin back with an alligator clip and brooch pin so that it can be worn as a pin or a hairclip. It is SO CUTE and the pattern was pretty easy to follow (I'd like pointier ears though). I hope my bestie loves it!
Some of the gifts that I made I need to create again because I want to have them for myself! So maybe in the new year I'll have more photos of things that I made for the awesome peeps in my life.

Craft on!

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  1. BEST PREZZIE EVERRR!!! You are so talented! I love love love that you crafted this just for me :) You are the bestest bestie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxxoxo