Friday, January 20, 2012

Celebrate Being Yourself!

If there is one thing we here at Nerdifacts have learned it is the fact that nothing in life is more fun than simply being yourself.
Now "self's" come in all sizes and shapes with all different types of personalities. Your self can be a replica or homage to someone great or it can be some completely new creation that is here to make it's own mark. But either way you must embrace it and make it your own.

Just Be Your Self - Trust us, it's a blast.

Here at Nerdifacts we call our self's Nerds.
There are a lot of different definitions of what a Nerd is and who are we to say which definition's right and which is wrong? We like to think that a Nerd is really just a collection of different personality-types all rolled into something awesome.

This diagram sums it all up nicely I think:

With the awesomeness that is ourselves, we create nerdy-geeky-dorky type things and sell them around the world.  This is our totally sweet blog where we plan on unloading our inner geekyness for your wonderful minds to devour and utilize. Here we will post our inspirations, ideas, accomplishments and a whole whack of other totally fun stuff.
So be sure to check back often as we celebrate everything awesome!

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