Thursday, July 5, 2012

Workbench: Mario Mushrooms!

Here at Nerdifacts we're starting to get ready for a big convention- Fan Expo in Toronto, at the end of August. Are any of you going? If you are, come and visit Jim and I in Artists Alley, we'd love to meet you :) Something I've been working on for a while, since I made a few Mario Mushroom Power Wristies, are a smaller version of Mario Mushrooms. What you see splayed out on the workbench below will become Mario Mushroom wristbands, coffee cozies, and pop can cozies- oh my!! SO many ways to add a bit of Mario awesomeness to your life, not to mention a great alternative to a Mushroom Plushie if you're working on a Mario cosplay :)

I have some coffee cozies already listed in the shop. Click here --> Coffee Cozies @ Nerdifacts

My challenge in making these has been working with yarn in the nearly-too-hot-heat we've been having in Ontario (Canada) this week, and all of the little bitty bits of detail work that go into each and every one of these: I have about 12 strands of yarn ends to weave into each item, tons of tiny circles that I crochet individually and then sew on by hand, and each of those penetrating black eyes is hand stitched as well.

I should at least get a couple of extra lives out of this, don't you think?

*Maria @ Nerdifacts