Friday, February 1, 2013

Why I Love My Little Pony, And Why You Should Too

Over the last few years I noticed more and more handmade My Little Pony items popping up at the conventions that I went to. I didn't know that the franchise had undergone another reboot, but seeing so many people going nuts for it made me curious. Of course, I had my own Ponies as a kid, and definitely watched the show before heading off to school in the morning, but back then, before the word "tween" even existed, you generally stopped playing with your Ponies by the age of ten. Seeing a teenage generation consumed by this new Pony craze absolutely delighted me! I've always been a champion of loving what you love, no matter what your age is or whether or not you're "supposed" to like it, so to see "overage" individuals wearing Pony hats and shirts let me know that there was something about the fourth generation of Ponies that warranted checking out.

So I started watching online, and if you've never watched, click this link! Watch My Little Pony

The new series is called "Friendship is Magic", Twilight Sparkle is the main protagonist and each of her 5 friends represent one of the Elements of Harmony. When those Elements all get together, Magic happens! And that's really what the series is about- an entertaining romp through Equestria following the trials and tribulations of young Ponies as they learn what is important in life, how to maintain and mend friendships and solve problems, and how to avoid getting into spats with your friends. Pretty simple concept, and I must say that I was skeptical, but after watching an episode or two, I was hooked.

Firstly, I love magical stuff- unicorns, horses with wings, talking ponies, it's all good in my book.
Secondly, if you're a young girl, there is nothing worse than dealing with other young girls. I like to think that this show helps out with that.
Thirdly, this show makes me laugh... a lot! The characters are hilarious :)

I became such a fan of this show so quickly, that I started crafting Pony-themed things. I began with mini-wristies, and I'm still working on getting the cutie marks completed and dealing with the Rainbow Dash theme, but I'm having a ton of fun working on these so here's a sneak peek preview for you.

Rainbow Dash Cuffs in Progress

The collection grows... Fluttershy in yellow, AppleJack in orange, 
Twilight Sparkle in purple, and Rainbow Dash in blue.

I hope to have these listed in the Etsy shop sometime during the month of February :)


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