Friday, March 15, 2013

My Nerdy Universe: Star Wars Art

 Jim and I have been living in our current place for about 7 months and we just finished putting up most of our artwork. One wall featured only an abstract painting for the longest time, which I always thought of as a forest. Jim added our collection of Star Wars art to the same wall and the abstract painting was suddenly transformed in Dagobah and I loved it even more. I'm so glad that I dragged it along on multiple moves over the years so that its true destiny as part of a Star Wars collection could be realized. I couldn't resist drawing up a little sign, "Dagobah" and sticking it on the canvas.

These are some pieces that we purchased from artists during trips to Fan Expo, held every August in Toronto. Darth Vader was a commissioned piece, we had the opportunity to watch the artist put the finishing touches on the work before we took it home. We picked up the Yoda portrait beside it to maintain balance ;) The bottom piece is Boba Fett, mid-launch; Jim loved the details in that piece.

On the other side of Dagobah we have our prized, one of a kind, original Yoda painting. We hummed and hawwwed over making the purchase (it was around $100) but the image is so intense and so carefully and painstakingly created that we knew it would be an amazing thing to own. Scroll down for a closer look. That was the year we went ludicrously over budget at Fan Expo. Below Yoda is a cherished movie poster that has undergone some cropping over time as the edges saw some wear and tear through many moves and wall relocations.

Isn't it awesome? I don't miss the cash we handed over at all, and since this is an original with no copies made, I think we actually got a pretty good deal. It's waiting to be framed properly, but we're not as enthusiastic to hand over our hard earned money for a frame as we were to purchase this piece.

Do you have any walls dedicated to showcasing a specific theme in artwork that you've collected? Share in the comments below or head over to the Nerdifacts facebook page and share some photos of your artwork collections. I'd love to see them!


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