Thursday, May 16, 2013

Make Your Pet Look Nerdy Now!

We all love our pets, and we all love our fandoms, so of course we also love it when these two worlds collide! Here is a small treasury of ways that you can make your awesome pet even more awesome.

'Geekify Your Pet!' by Nerdifacts

Fun ways to attack your pets with favourite fandoms :)

Superman Dog Pajamas

Individually Designed Cat Cu...

Bloody Fish Bowl Beta tank ...

1.5in Martingale Collar,,, S...

Gumball Machine Aquarium

Red White and Navy Plaid Bow...

STAR WARS DOG hat costume yo...

pet tag dog pet tag id cute ...

I would have loved to have had either of those fish bowls when I had beta fish! Do you have any creative ways that you've added a touch of nerd, geek or dork to your furry, fluffy or scaly companions?


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