Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wheel of Time Wednesday!

Those who know me know that I love the Wheel of Time, even if they have no idea what that means. My current claim on nerdiness is that I'm re-reading the entire series of novels so that I can get a saturated enjoyment of it all- my first reading occurred over many years and consequently there are things I've forgotten. I didn't want to jump into the last few books without the holes in my memory being filled. As a bit of extra fun for my re-reading, I treated myself to the graphic novel of the Eye of the World and also re-read the issues of New Spring that I was able to obtain in the past (there were publishing issues, and these comics were pretty hard to get your hands on for a while. I'm only missing the last 2 but I might have to bite the bullet and get the graphic novel publication of that too.) I was psyched to hold this hardcover in my hands :)

See those cute little stud earrings that I'm wearing? I know you can't see the details above, but they are a pair of Wheel of Time Map Capture Studs, which I sell in my shop. Like the pair below!

The Blight / Tanchico Wheel of Time Map Capture Studs by Nerdifacts

Here's a peek at my little collection of Wheel of Time comics, and the graphic novel for The Eye of The World.

Have you ever geeked out about something you really loved being adapted into a graphic novel of series of comics? I'd love to hear about it in a comment!

*Maria @ Nerdifacts

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