Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Workbench: Iron Man Power Wristies

These super fun Iron Man Power Wristies are currently the bestselling item in my etsy shop (no sooner have I started making a pair to keep in stock before it sells and I have to ship it away!) so I'm trying to pump up my production for the upcoming Fan Expo convention in Toronto at the end of August. My workbench is currently covered with in-process pieces, and lots of yarn ends :)

After we move in August, a gift I will get for my new craft room will be a yarn bowl so that my balled yarn can't get away from me- and in classic nerdy fashion, I'm incredibly excited to get one :)

This technique is called "surface crochet" and I'd been doing it for at least a month before determining what the method was and being sad that I hadn't invented it like I thought I did. The small touches and embellishments really make these Power Wristies awesome- extra time goes into each one so that I can add this gold line around the wrist, and of course the stabilizer and repulsor discs (below) that make this design utterly amazing ;)

Each disc that I make has 3 yarn ends to weave into the disc before I can even attach it to the Power Wristie, and then I have to do it 3 more times before a pair is complete. Each Iron Man Power Wristie gets a blue repulsor disc on the palm and a white repulsor disc on the back of the hand.

Throw a pair on for instant +5 coolness and to help you channel some Tony Stark attitude and confidence. If you want a pair of your own, scoop 'em up in the Nerdifacts shop or swing by my table in Artists Alley at Fan Expo in Toronto (at the MTCC August 23-26).

*Maria @ Nerdifacts

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