Thursday, January 3, 2013

What I'm Most Proud of in 2012

As we roll over to another new calendar year, the inevitable reflection on the last 12 months must happen at some time. I didn't really have the chance to calm my mind and reflect much over the holidays because there was so much family awesomeness happening- and as great as it all is, it is always a little exhausting too.

2012 was a big year for me and Nerdifacts, if in many small ways. Nerdifacts fell into my lap in August of 2011 when I first vended at Fan Expo, the biggest geek-themed convention in Canada (*intimidation!*). I was selling items from my first Etsy shop called February Jones and had decided to try out a few geeky and nerdy items while I was at Fan Expo. They sold so well that I created some new designs and opened another shop so that I could focus on creating things that the right customer would absolutely geek-out over. Fast forward to Fan Expo 2012 and Nerdifacts is celebrating its one year anniversary.

Fan Expo 2012 Table

So much creation has occurred over the last 12 months that I wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't peeled the copious amounts of Mod Podge off my fingers and worn the colour finish right off of my favourite crochet hook! I began with earrings...

Comic Capture Earrings

Then discovered I could make some studs too...

 Comic Capture Studs

... and even awesome one-of-a-kind collaged notebooks! Jim helped with these, he has a knack for composing a story with the images that he chooses so that the covers do an even better job of representing the characters they feature and they universes that they're from.

 Comic Scene Notebooks

I've also made some Comic Capture rings, bobby pins, keychains, cufflinks, and yes- I also gave coasters a whirl :)

 Comic Capture Coasters

And as for the miles of yarn that I transformed into nerdy delights, it began with wristwarmers...

Power Wristies! 
(Mario Mushrooms, Wolverine, Dragonball, Iron Man, Green Lantern, The Hulk, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Pokeball)

...then wristbands or cuffs, for people that don't need the warmth-retaining fuller coverage of a whole Power Wristie... (or aren't ready to invest in a whole pair yet but still want to wear something awesome)

Power Cuffs
(Dragonball, Iron Man- white stabilizer disc, Iron Man- blue repulsor disc, Pokeball)

... and then I wanted to carry around my coffee in nerdy-style so coffee cozies started rolling off my hook...

Mario Mushroom Power Cozy

...and then came gaming bags for carrying around your Magic Cards, or dice games, or even things like makeup...

Power Pouches (Dragonball, Pokeball, Yoshi Egg, Wonder Woman)

...*peep!* Oh yes, I can't forget these adorable little Octopeeps. Who doesn't want a cute octopus on their head?

Octopeep Hair Clip
All in all, it has been a whirlwind year of crazy creation with the occasional surprise thrown in for extra fun. 
-The Purple Octopeep above was featured in the "Weird" section of an Etsy Finds newsletter and suddenly I was shipping Purple Octopeeps like a madwoman! 
-I've heard wonderful things from customers who just adore the items they've purchased in my shop, and at conventions like Fan Expo it's amazing to be able to witness first hand geek-outs when someone spots something I've made that they can't live without. 
-I've sold over 50 pairs of Iron Man Power Wristies and shipped them all over the world, and I'm still not sick of making them ;)
I'm proud to have touched so many lives in a small yet significant way, and I'm proud that after this first year is through I've created such a diverse product line and the ideas are still coming! 
I can't wait to see what adventures 2013 has in store for Nerdifacts and I, and I cordially invite you to follow our journey and see where we end up.

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